Keep your Hazmat Drivers, Trucks and Trailers Secure and Safe

With SFT Telematics’s custom fleet management and GPS fleet tracking system - SmartFleet® - critical security and location information is collected by a vehicle-mounted GPS device – SecurityGuard™ - and communicated wirelessly by cellular or satellite, and served to the customer online via SFT Telematics's internet software – SmartFleet® Manager.


This hazmat transportation fleet solution provides security, tracking, monitoring, control and reporting capability for hazmat shippers with dry vans, tank trailers and the trucks that haul them. With the addition of our fleet emergency software – SafeAlert! - you effectively mitigate security threats related to the movement of hazardous materials and dangerous goods like:


  •     radioactive nuclear waste
  •     explosives
  •     chemicals
  •     petroleum and petrochemical products


Hazmat Transportation Security Simplified with Custom Fleet Security Solution


SFT Telematics's integrated fleet tracking and management software offers a compelling combination of onboard deterrence plus instant notification and location monitoring – powerful features that put you in control.


SFT Telematics’s perimeter of security provided by our onboard security system along with SmartFleet’s® scalable, open architecture allows for the integration of additional security and productivity functionality. Hazmat shippers and carriers will benefit from the following features and services:


  •     24/7 situational awareness
  •     Enhanced route planning through more efficient, safe routing optimization.
  •     Security alert notification to pre-established key contacts when onboard sensors, including tamper, volumetric, door, radiation, temperature are tripped.
  •     Trailer disconnect notification when a trailer has been disconnected to its assigned truck, or if it is connected to an alien truck.
  •     Geo-fencing provides a digital, geographic perimeter of security. Once this asset-centric fence is broken, an alert is immediately sent to notify key contacts of the breach.
  •     Geo-zoning a digital geographic boundary of any shape around high-risk areas such as nuclear facilities. If your vehicle crosses into the landmarked area, you’ll know about it instantly so that you can take immediate action.
  •     Panic buttons that alert dispatch or call centers to driver distress or emergency situations when the button is activated by the driver.
  •     Forensic software of vehicle history that provides a log of location, speed, working hours, idle time, alarms
  •     Full integration of software and systems into existing platforms, along with training, support and resources that will ensure smooth transition for your business.


SFT Telematics’s Hazmat Security Technology Stands On Guard for You


When it comes to fleet security and driver safety, SFT Telematics stands in a class of its own. Our technology has been selected for the Transportation Security Administration’s Hazmat Truck Security Program. SFT Telematics is the only hazmat security provider to build a standards compliant direct link to the HTSP Universal Communications Interface (UCI) which will be providing location and on-board sensor data in real time to the TSA Truck Tracking Center.


Contact us to find out you can mitigate security and safety threats to your drivers and fleet with SFT Telematics's SmartFleet® System.