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Online Fleet Management Software

From cargo security and protection to fleet tracking and management, SFT Telematics Technology can offer valuable fleet management and security solutions that will work for you.


Go online with SmartFleet® Manager, a web-based, feature-rich GPS fleet management software application that allows you to monitor and control mobile assets with the click of a mouse. Security, tracking and fleet management capabilities are at your finger tips.

SFT Telematics's GPS Trucking System

SmartFleet® Manager works for every size of fleet and for many types of vehicles and equipment - from trucks and trailers - to heavy equipment and generators.


SmartFleet® provides full GPS fleet tracking with a robust alerting solution. If any of your company-defined business rules are violated, or if an asset-based alarm is triggered, key contacts are notified through the internet or a pager, whether they are currently monitoring that route or not. SmartFleet® provides:


  •     AVL (automatic vehicle location)
  •     sensor alerts (seatbelt, speed, airbag and more)
  •     real-time map or vehicle history replay, stop history
  •     vehicle arming and disarming
  •     geo-fencing and geo-zones
  •     custom landmark identification


In addition to these security, tracking and management features, SmartFleet® is the industry leader with its comprehensive fleet management reporting and output capabilities.


Your company will realize increased efficiencies and productivity, while reducing maintenance costs by capitalizing on report data that includes:


  •     working hours summary
  •     stop/go activity
  •     idle time summary
  •     alarms
  •     trip summary
  •     trip details
  •     vehicle history


Stay on top with SFT Telematics’s online trucking fleet management tools. Our web-based software and proprietary GPS devices, along with our support, will provide you with the tools you need to enhance the security and productivity of your mobile assets.


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