Our GPS Tracking System

Your Fleet Management System for Visibility on Demand


Enjoy Real-Time Visibility with Our Vehicle Fleet Management Products

With SFT Telematics’s vehicle fleet management system, you’re always in total control of your fleet. Our GPS fleet tracking system delivers real-time visibility of all your transportation assets so you can manage them with ease.


Smartfleet® makes it easy to manage your vehicles, trailers, and other assets quickly and effectively. The result? You can:


  •     Reduce labor and fuel costs
  •     Improve employee productivity and driver safety
  •     Enhance customer service
  •     Extend the lifetime of your vehicles


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Which of our vehicle fleet management products is right for you?


GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices


Our SecurityGuard™ GPS tracking devices can be vehicle mounted or cargo embedded, allowing you to manage all your transportation assets online. Real-time tracking and management is now a reality, and our fleet management system increases security by sending instant alerts any time your cargo or vehicles are in danger.


Fleet Management Software


Smartfleet® lets you leverage real-time fleet information to better manage your vehicles, cargo and drivers…anywhere in North America. The fleet management system is 100% web based, so there’s no physical software to buy or troublesome updates to install. Simply put, it’s the easiest to use vehicle fleet management system in the entire industry.


You’ll enjoy:


  •     Raise productivity across your entire fleet
  •     Cut excess fuel, overtime, maintenance and insurance costs
  •     Increase safety and security of drivers, vehicles and vehicle contents
  •     Improve customer satisfaction through better response times and more accurate ETAs


Set your own rules for speeding, vehicle usage, and other parameters so you can get alerted instantly any time a rule is broken. This gives you total control over your fleet to ensure it’s operating as safely and efficiently as possible.


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