GPS Freight Tracking

GPS Freight Tracking

What Can You Do With GPS Freight Tracking?

More than you think. The latest GPS freight tracking technology is changing the way fleets are managed. At SFT Telematics, our GPS tracking systems give you all the information you need to monitor your freight’s location, condition, and security. The best part? You can do all of this right from your computer, with just the click of a mouse.


How does it work? Simply mount the SecurityGuard™ on your vehicles, and all critical location and security information is sent wirelessly for you to view on our easy-to-use internet software application— Smartfleet®.


With our real-time GPS freight tracking system, you can:



  •     Better manage shipments by quickly responding to problems or changing customer requirements.
  •     Improve on-time delivery with real-time information on estimated arrival times, load locations and status.
  •     Minimize risk and losses due to theft or spoilage with onboard sensors that notify you immediately when your assets are compromised.
  •     Plan for optimized asset use by monitoring “dropped” and detained trailers at customer sites.
  •     Improve trailer-to-tractor ratios for better productivity.
  •     Receive information about load status, door open/closed, hooked/unhooked, tractor identification, and trailer temperature.


Improve Freight Security with SmartZone Technology

SFT Telematics’s SmartZone technology lets you build a digital security perimeter to prevent theft or damage to your cargo. We offer the following security tools:


    GeoFence—Build a digital fence around your assets, and receive alerts instantly if this perimeter is breached. This ensures immediate response to intrusions, increasing your chances of asset recovery.
    GeoZone—Plot a digital perimeter of any shape around your customers’ locations so you can be alerted as soon as your vehicles arrive at and depart from these locations. These notifications can be tied to a specific action, such as disarming the SecurityGuard device once cargo enters the drop-off point.


If you’re ready to improve your freight management, we can help. Contact us today to find out what our GPS freight tracking systems can do for you.


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