What Should You Look for When Choosing Fleet Management Software?



First of all, you want a fleet management software solution that’s easy to use… software that lets you sit down at the computer and manage your entire fleet instantly with the click of your mouse.


That’s why our Smartfleet® Advantage solution is the easiest to use fleet management product in the industry.  Smartfleet® Advantage is 100% web based, so there’s never any physical software to buy or updates to install. Simply login to our online portal and you can begin to leverage real-time fleet information to easily manage vehicles and drivers with precision.


You also want a fleet management software solution that allows you to increase your fleet’s productivity by saving time and money.


Smartfleet® Advantage lets you re-route drivers to reduce fuel costs and to save time. You can even set fully-customized alerts that tell you when a vehicle has been idling longer than a specified time or a driver is exceeding a specified speed. This ensures no fuel is wasted, allowing you to save as much money as possible.


But that’s not all Smartfleet® Advantage can do. With our transportation management software, you’ll enjoy the only application of its kind that features the Fleet Overview Dashboard—the single source for all critical fleet information. 


This powerful tool improves fleet efficiency and safety by giving you a global overview of your fleet’s status and recent activity. Everything you need to know about your fleet is in one place, letting you make informed and on-the-spot decisions to get more from your fleet.


Request a demo today by calling 1.866.891.3999 so you can see just how easy it is to manage your fleet online with Smartfleet® Advantage.


What Makes Smartfleet® Advantage Different?


Our fleet management software is loaded with features… many that you can’t find anywhere else.


  •     Easiest to use fleet management application in the industry
  •     Web based - No software to buy or map updates to download
  •     SSL Secured using 2048 bit encryption
  •     Extremely fast and large premium maps
  •     ESRI .shp file map overlay support
  •     Customizable road classification speed limits and alerts
  •     Dispatching list view with quick-view maps
  •     Find closest vehicle/driver to a location
  •     Route optimization - Find the most efficient way to deliver to multiple destinations
  •     Geozone/Geofence - Mark the location of deliveries for reporting and alerting on arrival/departure or off-hours use
    •     Temporary zones can be placed that automatically expire
  •     Search feature to find any vehicle, driver, location, zone, alert and can be used to search against map overlay layers
  •     45+ customizable reports
  •     Animated breadcrumb trails with mouseover ballons
  •     Run saved reports with one click or set them up to be emailed automatically
  •     20+ real-time alerts including
    •     Speeding, Speeding against road classification
    •     Harsh Acceleration/Braking
    •     Idling
    •     Use outside of operating hours
    •     Movement
    •     Drivers license expiry/Insurance expiry
    •     Door open/Closed
    •     Temperature high/low
    •     PTO, refridgeration unit temperatures
    •     and many more!
  •     Major and minor vehicle maintenance tracking
    •     Scheduled, Ad-Hoc and Relative maintenance modules
  •     Programmable event based reporting with store and forward when out of cell coverage
  •     Historical data retained for later analysis and audit
  •     Unlimited number of account sub-users
  •     Easy bulk import of landmarks
  •     Turn by Turn routing and directions
  •     2 way messaging between users of the system, support, and drivers
  •     Satellite Imaging underlay
  •     Real time notification and custom reports of vehicle sensor data
  •     Weekly application upgrades, features and enhancements


Request a demo today by calling 1.866.891.3999 so you can explore all the features of Smartfleet® Advantage!


Real-Time Alerts Always Keep You Informed


Smartfleet® lets you set customized parameters for your vehicles, drivers, and cargo. Any time one of these rules is broken, you immediately receive an alert.


Set alerts to get notified when:


  •     Vehicle idles longer than a specified time
  •     Vehicle stops at a location that is not in an approved category
  •     Vehicle exceeds specified speed
  •     Vehicle is stopped at a location for longer than specified time
  •     Vehicle stops at a location that is not a Marker
  •     Vehicle is used outside specified hours
  •     Vehicle departs specified geographic area
  •     Vehicle is due for specific maintenance
  •     Drivers license and insurance needs to be renewed


Request a demo today by calling 1.866.891.3999 so you can always have the most current and important information about your fleet.


Increase Productivity and Improve Safety with Vehicle Reports


Smartfleet® Advantage comes with comprehensive vehicle reporting features that let you take an informed look at the performance of your drivers and fleet. This allows you to closely examine your vehicles, drivers, or teams to identify where there’s room for improvement.


Our transportation management software includes easy-to-read reports you can leverage to increase productivity, improve driver safety, and reduce the costs of running your fleet.


Standard reports include:

  •     Daily Summary
  •     Utilization
  •     Maintenance
  •     Manifest
  •     Marker
  •     Mileage
  •     HR Reports
  •     Sensor Activity
  •     Stop Report


You can even access customized reports based on your specific business objectives. With Smartfleet® Advantage, it’s all about helping you run the most efficient fleet possible.


Request a demo today by calling 1.866.891.3999 so you can see just how easy it is to manage your fleet online with our Smartfleet® fleet management software.

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